Who Am I And What Do I Do

Hi all! I am Ioanna.

I am a translator and a native speaker of two languages, Russian and Greek, and I love to read. So translating seemed quite logical. Mainly, I translate texts for websites and subtitles for movies. I am good at it and I love doing it. Moreover, I create all posts on this site.

I also studied Web Design for two years in a community college in Athens. This knowledge gave me the opportunity to create this website on my own.

Another big passion of mine is Graphic Design and Illustration. Make to check my drawings in the Gallery. Since I got my iPad and Apple Pencil, I try to practice drawing as much as I can through online courses and YouTube tutorials.

Localizing Your Website Will Help You To Promote Your Business

I will translate your website, product descriptions and so on. You will receive your copy and I will donate 3% of the total amount.

Why DonateWord?

For ages, I had this idea to start a blog, to have my own website. I could not decide what niche should I pick. I had trouble choosing the right colors and fonts. We all know how important it is for your website to look professional.

In other words, I was procrastinating.

But it was my friend, who actually gave me this killer idea. To be able to do what I love for work and help other people down the road by donating a piece of my income. So, I grabbed it, hoping I would sort things out with the passage of time.

This is how DonateWord was born. I translate and donate.

Each time you decide to work with me, 3% of my income from your total order will go to the charity that I support.