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Studies show that translating your website content helps you reach new markets and expand your business. Subsequently, helps you attract more customers.

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Translations from English
into Russian and Greek

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I am a native Russian and Greek translator and I can translate your English text into Russian and Greek. And I will do it on time, at the best possible price and quality.
With over 5 years of experience in this field, my work is guided by high-quality standards, so I offer original manual translations.
Moreover, if you choose to work with me, 3% of my website income will be donated to one of the charities that I support.

5+ Years of Experience in Translations

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Website Content

Home page content, online courses, articles, blog posts, Questions & Answers, etc.

Video Transcription

Transform your Russian or Greek video into words

Subtitles Translation

Subtitle translation (without synchronization)

Mobile Apps & Games

In-game dialogues, messages, labels, etc.

Creative Translation

Books, novels, articles, e-book formatting in iBook

AdWords Banners

5 top performing AdWords Banner Sizes

Social Media Graphics

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest banners

Illustration, Design Services

Free Translation Sample

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