Digital Writer's Notebook


Get ready to tell your story!

We all have stories to tell. Whether you are an experienced writer or an aspiring beginner, you will be unstoppable with this amazing vintage looking notebook.

In this notebook there is place for your daily writing exercises, morning pages, ideas dumps, and interesting name and word collections.



Morning pages: whatever you write in this section is totally up to you. You choose when to write and what to write. This could be the diary of your dreams, your normal diary, your plans for the day, reflections on a previous day or situations, a random blabbering, it is up to you.

Vocabulary: is a place to jot down any fascinating words or phrases that you come across. Whether you are a native speaker or studying a language, these pages will be extremely useful.

Name collection: heard a new, strange, or beautiful name? Write it down here!

Word count: a great place to keep track of your writing goals.

Quotes and inspiration: write down famous quotes, and thoughts that inspired you.

Writing prompts: are an amazing way to sparkle up your creativity. They could also prove useful, when you are a beginner and in need of a writing exercise, or out of ideas. Google the term, and you will find all sorts of writing prompts.

Ideas: a place to write down ideas for your next novel or short story.

Writing exercises: got an idea or want to expand that great writing prompt that you saw the other day? Here is the place for your writing exercise.

Stickers: I have included some stickers that will help you organize your scenes and chapters, but there is also a blank page where you can add your favorite stickers as well.

Extra pages: some extra blank and lined pages to add wherever you like in this notebook.

This planner is for personal use ONLY. You may NOT share it, remake it, or sell it to a third party.
Due to the digital nature of the product, there cannot be exchanges or cancellations. Please, message me your questions prior to purchase. I will be more than happy to reply.

After the purchase, if you encounter any sort of problem with the PDF, please, contact me ASAP, so that I could resolve the issue at your best convenience.