Digital Podcast Planner


Introducing our Digital Planner for Podcasters in PDF format, designed specifically to enhance your podcasting journey! Compatible with iPad, tablets, and other devices, this planner can be easily opened and used with popular PDF annotation apps like GoodNotes, Notability, and more.

Featuring a comprehensive set of pages, our digital planner ensures that you stay organized and efficient in every aspect of your podcasting workflow. The planner includes:

Index Page: Quickly navigate through different sections of your planner.
Year Overview: Plan and visualize your podcast goals and milestones for the entire year.
Month Overview: Stay on top of your monthly schedule and link directly to the Expense Tracker for each month.
Week Overview: Plan your podcast episodes and tasks on a weekly basis.
Podcast Overview: Keep track of important details about your podcast, such as branding, target audience, and more.
Episode Planner: Plan and outline your podcast episodes, including topics, key points, and guest details.
Episode Script: Write and structure your podcast episodes with ease.
Guest Questionnaire: Prepare for guest interviews with a set of thoughtful questions.
Content Ideas: Spark creativity and jot down fresh episode ideas.
Episode Tracker: Monitor the progress and performance of your podcast episodes.
Empty Pages: Enjoy the freedom to customize your planner with blank, lined, and grid pages.
Sticker Page: Add a touch of charm and personalization to your planner with our hand-drawn digital stickers.

This digital planner is not only functional but also visually appealing, featuring an intuitive layout and delightful illustrations. With the convenience of digital tools, you can easily edit, rearrange, and customize your planner to suit your unique needs.

Maximize your podcasting productivity and keep your creative juices flowing with our digital planner. Get started today and revolutionize your podcasting journey with ease and organization!

*13 hand-drawn digital stickers in PNG INCLUDED.
*iPad and Apple Pencil are not included in this listing.

Since this is a PDF, you can also print it and fill it in by hand.